Cryptocurrency invested? Bambi helps you solve all kinds of things

Bambi Lending is an AI automatic lending robot built on Telegram to assist users in automatically lending cryptocurrencies on the Bitfinex platform. Easily earn passive annualized income of about 10%.


100 +

Total Earned

$ 10000 +

Total Deposit

$ 10000 +

Annualized rate of return

approximately 0 +%
Annual remuneration

Quickly lend out idle cryptocurrency

Use AI to calculate and automatically adjust rates to help you lend quickly!

24-hour automatic loan

It is troublesome to manually adjust the interest rate every time you lend money?? Pay attention to your loan pending order status every day?? Give it to Bambi Lending!24/7lending money to you all the time so that you can make money while you sleep!

Annual rate of return is about 10+%

Automate the lending operations on the Bitfinex platform, help you split your bills and lend, roll out profits, and get exponential returns brought by compound interest!

Split Lending

Not enough money to borrow? ?Bambi helps you split the bill and quickly lend out profit!

Simple operation interface

There is no complicated platform operation interface, only the familiar chat room button can complete the setting and lending. Make money lending as easy as chat

Get the highest interest rate for market lending

Through fast lending, Bambi allows users to get the best interest rate for CRYPTO lending in the market!

Four step to start lending

Step1 BITFINEX registration

Step2 Set up API and Telegram

Step3 Deposit and withdrawal

Step4 Start lending

Chat with Bambi now and enjoy easy borrowing!